EVERYDAY the media tells us of another data breach, malicious data encryption, or information stolen by criminals who wish to turn a profit from the losses of the companies they attack. Many of the attacks that come about are from poor business security, improperly configured security controls, or lack of IT security knowledge. Most of these attacks can be prevented, That is where Sparrowhawk Technology comes in to work as your partner in IT Security.

Here at Sparrowhawk Technology we want to secure your Information Technology Infrastructure leaving you with peace of mind that your data and users are safe from malicious intent. By conducting thorough checkups on the network we can identify areas which could be hardened with better security controls. We identify weak security controls showing you where you could have a potential threat waiting for a hacker to find. We can also provide education to your employees on how to be more aware and what to look out for when conducting regular business. We can even conduct penetration testing on your organization which will identify where your weaknesses are from outside to inside your companies doors.

Unfortunately, statistics show that it is not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ your business will suffer from a malicious attack against your network or data. Our services are all designed to help you overcome any potential weaknesses that can cost your business money and good will towards your customers. Be prepared to defend your networks and information with Sparrowhawk Technology.

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