Sparrowhawk Technology works with businesses, communities, and government partners at all levels to provide training, tools, and resources related to critical infrastructure security. Efforts focus around raising awareness among the broader community on the need for critical infrastructure security and resilience and enhancing their current efforts. Public-private partnerships are vital to this effort as everyone has a role in securing the nation’s critical infrastructure. We deliver infrastructure security services and capabilities to public and private sector stakeholders.

Whether you are looking to have your current security assessed or want to secure your infrastructure before an event forces you to take action we are here to help.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase of consistently targeted and organized attacks directed towards the energy, utility and other sectors. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have become increasingly more complex and more disruptive, causing systems to shut-down, disrupting operations, or simply enabling attackers to remotely control affected systems. This has come about due to the need to have remote control systems that were traditionally segregated from the open internet when deployed on air-gapped networks and under tight physical security. The IoT proliferation that cut down manpower and operational costs by enabling remote control and management of smart valves and smart meters from anywhere in the world have also exposed those networks to cybercriminals.

Eliminating air-gap security in favor of improving efficiency and cutting down costs has opened up critical infrastructures to threats and cyberattacks. The current geopolitical arena has turned cyberattacks on critical infrastructures into cyber-warfare, as the potential for disrupting a country’s critical infrastructure by shutting down power plants, disrupting oil pipes, even disrupting utilities. We can offer a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and help you design controls which will be effective in thwarting incoming attacks.

Whether you run a very small business or a large organization we stand ready to assist you in helping you secure your data and networks. We can help you design controls which will help you to prevent unauthorized access to your most critical infrastructure. We will work with you to find the solution which allows you to continue functioning but in a secure way.

If you just want to discuss security we are happy to sit down and have a conversation.

How We Can Help You