What do you know about Ransomware?

This week we have learned of another version of Ransomware that has been found, this version called "Bad Rabbit" is in Europe now but could be here any day, or another version of it could jump over the ocean. It leads me to the question; what do you know about Ransomware? Not just the word that is in the news - do [...]

What to do about passwords…

If you have been paying attention to the news for the past couple weeks you know that yet another very large data breach has happened and billions more passwords and other personal data has been stolen. (Yahoo breach) This just another, in a long string, of examples of how much you may think your data is safe it truly is not. It [...]

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Equifax data breach a story of What Not to do.

This week we learned of one of the nations three largest credit institutions having one of the largest most in-depth breaches of data security and loss of private information in U.S. History. Before I go into further detail please use these links if you want to check if you are impacted and what to do if you are. How to check if [...]


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