Do you know what Cybersecurity and Cybercrime is?

If you don’t or are wondering, let me give you a little industry insight: Cybersecurity is a buzzword that gets thrown around often. Applying for a new credit card – I bet you see the word Cybersecurity within the application somewhere. Have you gone shopping online, I bet you will find something relating to Cybersecurity mentioned on the store website? Sometimes they [...]

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Hackers target small businesses too!

Here is a quick tidbit of information to think about. Hackers are not just targeting large corporations for cyberattacks! That statement is not meant to feed the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) monster. It is to give you information that if you are an employee of a small or medium-sized organization, you may be even more at risk of being targeted for [...]

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Another Password Posting…

Password security is sounding like a broken record these days. The news talks about yet another password breach, every site you need to log into requires a password and you are constantly reminded that it needs to be very long, very complicated, and ultimately something you cannot remember. I thought - maybe a bit more explanation would be needed to help explain [...]


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