Hackers target small businesses too!

Here is a quick tidbit of information to think about. Hackers are not just targeting large corporations for cyberattacks! That statement is not meant to feed the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) monster. It is to give you information that if you are an employee of a small or medium-sized organization, you may be even [...]

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Another Password Posting…

Password security is sounding like a broken record these days. The news talks about yet another password breach, every site you need to log into requires a password and you are constantly reminded that it needs to be very long, very complicated, and ultimately something you cannot remember. I thought - maybe a bit more [...]

Here we are again, another huge data breach – 150 million accounts compromised. Does this sound like a normal occurrence? Well… It is.

Unfortunately, in the digital world we live in it is a must that we use usernames and passwords for everything. The downside of this is that it brings a greater risk every time you enter a set of credentials you are giving someone else the keys to your castle in some ways. I have touched [...]

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What to do about passwords…

If you have been paying attention to the news for the past couple weeks you know that yet another very large data breach has happened and billions more passwords and other personal data has been stolen. (Yahoo breach) This just another, in a long string, of examples of how much you may think your data [...]

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Equifax data breach a story of What Not to do.

This week we learned of one of the nations three largest credit institutions having one of the largest most in-depth breaches of data security and loss of private information in U.S. History. Before I go into further detail please use these links if you want to check if you are impacted and what to do [...]

Scammers are at it again

I suspect that you may have heard about how scammers are starting to use the most recent events in Texas to garner money from people. In fact it has already reached a point where several US Government agencies are issuing warnings about it. Such as the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a reminder that malware purveyors [...]

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If you aren’t worried about Phishing – you should be.

According to Black Hat's 2017 survey, "Portrait of an Imminent Cyberthreat," phishing is one of the greatest and most time-consuming challenges security professionals face today. Unfortunately this is due to the fact that phishing and social engineering have become the easiest way for people to breach company and personal IT security assets and/or cause damage [...]

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Complicated Passwords are not as complicated as you thought

The person who first created the Password policy that we have all been using has admitted it was a mistake. It turns out that long phrases that you remember are much better and far more secure than the complicated password with various special characters and random capitalization. Read more

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