Another Password Posting…

Password security is sounding like a broken record these days. The news talks about yet another password breach, every site you need to log into requires a password and you are constantly reminded that it needs to be very long, very complicated, and ultimately something you cannot remember. I thought - maybe a bit more [...]

Physical Security overlooked?

Did you know that one of the most often looked over aspects of IT security is actually Physical Security? With today's complex threats, physical security has unfortunately taken a back seat... As few as 15 years ago, if you mentioned security to someone in the business world, they would immediately think about alarm systems, badge [...]

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Equifax data breach a story of What Not to do.

This week we learned of one of the nations three largest credit institutions having one of the largest most in-depth breaches of data security and loss of private information in U.S. History. Before I go into further detail please use these links if you want to check if you are impacted and what to do [...]

Data thiefs are smart

One of the newer phishing attacks is using PowerPoint slide decks to attack a know Windows vulnerability. The malicious PPT file triggers an exploit for the CVE-2017-0199 vulnerability, which starts the infection process and gets malicious code to run using the PowerPoint Show animations feature, which downloads a file logo document if successful. Read more [...]

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