Sparrowhawk Technology is a Veteran owned and operated business which focuses on the Information Technology (IT) security and all the layers which are incorporated in keeping information and data safe.

Our founder, Matthew Jones (CISSP), is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience working in IT infrastructure security and administration. Using knowledge acquired over these years in various organizations and the military he became determined to start a company to help others take care of their IT security needs in a stress free and cost effective way.

Whether it’s small or large network we can help you understand your networks infrastructure and vulnerabilities. Upon our findings we can either inform or complete the hardening of your security controls which will help you become ready for most attacks that are being leveled at organizations. If you are preparing for an Audit or trying to become compliant we can help to ensure you pass. Or, if your business needs to have an entire security overhaul – we are here to be your partner.

It is our belief that the safety, reliability and security of business data is one of the most critical and sometimes overlooked part of business. The average cost of just ONE security breach of a small organization can cost $38,000 which includes the downtime suffered, lost business, and services hired to mitigate the breech. (Read More on Cost) An investment in your security can save you a lot overall.

We will not blindly follow industry standards or run some generic scripts to check your safety. We will work with you to develop tailored programs to secure your company against present and future threats.

How We Can Help You