Small businesses are being hacked and falling victim to malware and ransomware attacks at a high rate they just do not make the news. This  is taking place because of many different reasons but most of them include the incorrect way that people think “we are too small for someone to care” or worse yet, we do not need a cyber-security policy – we have never had a problem before.

Unfortunately, the misguided way of believing that it can’t happen to us is far from the truth. Worse yet for the small business is how quickly the attackers are turning to them as their targets. Large companies have entire departments dedicated to preventing and mitigating such things. Smaller businesses have possibly one IT person who is trying hard to keep operations smooth and does not focus on the security every day.

This is why I created Sparrowhawk Technology, I want to be that stop gap for your company. I can let you know where your blind spots are in security and help you fix them.

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